prices are as follows:
Blue Bay – 80p per hour
Purple bays – 50p per hour.

Click HERE to check out this handy guide to parking in Milton Keynes- for more information about alternative places to park, please check the map.

The car park around the Xscape Building is split into two different sections, the outer section is Council owned and managed by NSL (the red area). All entrances into the car park are clearly marked as such.  All council bays are marked with a red line, and payment should be made in a red machine.

The area nearest to the building is owned by Xscape and managed by Vinci Park Services, you drive over blue lines and pass signs stating that you are entering into the Xscape car-park.  All Xscape owned bays are marked with a blue line, and payment should be made in a blue machine.

In adjoining areas there are two sets of Parking Meters, both clearly marked with the areas that their tickets are valid for.  Please double check that you are putting money into the correct meter - red for council bays, blue for Xscape bays.

Don't have any coins for parking? That's now not a problem with our new cashless parking that provides you with the opportunity to pay for your parking via text message or phone call. Instructions on how to do this are onsite in the car parking areas and displayed in the image above.

We hope this information will help you have an enjoyable experience when you visit us at Xscape Milton Keynes.

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