March Film Guide

Take a look at some of the films worth a closer look in March.

Release Date: 1st March

Inspired by the enormously popular ‘Old Man Logan’ serial by Mark Millar and Steve McNiven, this gripping new Wolverine movie sees Hugh Jackman imbue his signature character with notes of melancholy and more than a few grey hairs. Meanwhile returning director James Mangold (The Wolverine) promises to amp up the violent action to unprecedented levels.

Fist Fight
Release Date: 3rd March
Mr Strickman (Ice Cube) is a hair-trigger teacher at an inner city school. Upsetting him then isn’t really a good idea. But after mild-mannered English teacher Andy Campbell (Charlie Day) accident gets him fired, an irate Strickman has only one thing on his mind – revenge. "I'm gonna fight you," Strickland tells him. "Parking lot, after school. It's on!"

Beauty and the beast
Release Date: 17th March

Belle (Emma Watson) is a bookish young woman and keen inventor who goes in search of her father Maurice (Kevin Kline) when he disappears after visiting a mysterious castle. When she gets there, she is shocked to learn that he is the prisoner of the monstrous Beast (Dan Stevens) and volunteers to take his place. Initially terrified of her captive, she soon learns about how he was transformed from a handsome prince into his current state by a magical curse, and a tender love story soon develops.

Personal Shopper
Release Date: 17th March

Kristen Stewart stars as Maureen, a young American living in Paris and working as a high-fashion personal shopper to the stars. She is also a spiritual medium, and grieving the recent death of her twin brother, haunts his Parisian home, determined to contact him.

Power Ranges
Release Date: 24th March

A group of high-school kids, who are infused with unique superpowers, harness their abilities in order to save the world.