5 Fun-fuelled Things to do this Easter

At Xscape Yorkshire, we have all the ingredients to make your Easter day out the most exciting and memorable one yet. There’s something for everyone, and we’ve put together five top picks to make your Easter time at Xscape extra special...

Snozone sledging children at Xscape Yorkshire

Real snow sledging at Snozone
Snozone is one of the most popular activities at Xscape, and sledging is a fantastic way to enjoy the snow with the whole family. You’ll have 45 minutes of hilarious fun together and it’s something a little different to your average Easter day trip.

And if the kids fancy learning something new this Easter, then the Snozone Easter Holiday Camps are ideal. Skiing or snowboarding lesson, with a freshly cooked lunch thrown in. Find out more here.

Laser tag fun at LaserZone in Xscape Yorkshire

LaserZone will give you an experience this Easter that’s out of this world! Step into the 4,000sqft, multi-level arena lit with neon lights, filled with swirling smoke and ringing with strange sounds. Battle to score the most points against your opponents using state-of-the-art laser packs and phasers. Come rain or shine, on your own or with your family or friends, from age six to 106... you’ll have a blast!

The Park skate park wide shot at Xscape Yorkshire

Subvert’s Skate Park
Subvert is Xscape’s cool and comprehensive board store, and at the back of the store you’ll find the indoor skate park, The Park. It features a wide variety of ramps and rails to suit all abilities, so if you’re an experienced skater or you’ve always been intrigued by the sport, grab a board this Easter and test your abilities. You might just surprise yourself.

Instructor scaling the climbing wall at Xscape Yorkshire

Climbing Wall and Skyride
If boarding’s not for you, why not challenge yourself to take on new heights with the Climbing Wall and Skyride this Easter? Tackle 15 metres of pure indoor rock climbing on our huge, Utah-inspired rock climbing tower before stepping out high above the centre’s main atrium on the Skyride. This one’s a clear winner for those who love adventure.

Gravity Trampoline Parks
Another way to enjoy your day out is to make like the Easter Bunny and have a bounce around Gravity Trampoline Parks on your visit to Xscape. You’ll have endless fun and it’s a great way to get your heart pumping and burn some calories. This activity is suitable for all the family and the kids will want to come back again and again.

And, the fun doesn’t stop there...

- Free arts and crafts at the wonderland-themed garden from 14 April
- FREE Cineworld Easter Egg Hunt from 14 April

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