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01977 55 99 11

Opening Hours
Mon-Thurs - 1200h-2100h
Fri - 1200h-2240h
Sat - 1000h-2240h
Sun - 1000h-2100h

LaserZone is out of this world!

Beyond the airlock lies a 4000sqft galactic labyrinth filled with swirling smoke, strange sounds, flashing lights...and enemies!

Explore their multi-level, fully supervised arena, armed with state of the art laser packs and phasors. Score points by zapping your opponents and destroying their bases.

Ideal for birthday parties, family fun, corporate entertainment, youth groups, stag and hen nights & much more.

On your own or with friends, from ages 6 - 106, it's a blast!!

                    Mon-Thur               Fri-Sun

One Game              £5.50                            £5.99

Second Game    £4.50               £4.99

Further Games    £3.50              £4.99

School holidays

During published school holidays LaserZone is open from 1100h on weekdays. Weekend hours remain unchanged. On public holidays LaserZone is open at 1100h.